12 February 2008

Crazy about hamster

As the title stated, I think I really gone crazy about hamster, especially the dwarf hamster. I even order a book from acmamall entitle "Hamster" to fulfil my curiousity which caused my wallet less a RM50 note.

"Hamster" by Betsy Sikora Siino

pages inside the book

After finish reading the book, I just get to know that there are so much information that I missed. All this while I only knew that my BIbi are the dwarf hamster, but actually dwarf hamster also have so many types. BIbi are classified as the wild type Campbell's Russian dwarf hamster since they have a dorsal stripe that runs down their back and having agouti fur.

My Bibi with the dorsal stripe & agouti fur

Other type of dwarf hamster

Another type of Russian Dwarfs,the Russian Winter White a.k.a Siberian dwarf

The Roborovski Dwarf, the type that KennySia pet and lost

The chinese dwarf,
which is thinner & longer in size & present of a tail
Hmm...which type do you like then?

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