27 February 2013

I will be back!

Just notice that my previous update is on 19 September 2012!

That's is freaking long time ago.

Will update my blog after 10 March 2013

Have lots of happening to share.

Life is beautiful!


19 September 2012

Life is good!

Wow, just realise that I had abandoned my blog for so long.  Life is busy but it's good!

Few updates:

Firstly, there are two new family members, Kitty Baby the blue kitten (it's not grey, it's blue!) and Tommy Junior the black kitten.
I rescued them from the drain and decide to keep them as pet.
They are naughty but adorable!

They definitely cheer up my life!

Secondly, I think I can't keep my promise to Sodagreen about going to watch their Beijing concert this coming November as my first concert in my life........Because I am going to meet them earlier this coming October in Singapore.  Wee~~~~ and I manage to get a seat ticket of Row 7 from the middle of stage (Row 1 to 5 were reserved for VVIP) . Thanks to the Sodafans Chin Yee, I love you!

It's exactly at the middle of the stage!

Thirdly, November will be a month for me to travel around!

Early November I will be travelling to Beijing, China and this is also the first time I travel such a long distance by myself. What to do in Beijing beside visiting the historical site and landmarks? I gonna watch Sodagreen Beijing Concert with my China friends! Can't wait to meet those lovely people!

I wonder how's the weather in Beijing for November.
Will it snow? =D

3 days after coming back from Beijing, I will bring my mum and my niece Tiffany to my mum hometown Miri for a week to visit my grandpa and relatives. Kind of miss my little nephew and niece over there. 

4 days after coming back from Miri, I will go to KL for a shopping trip with my girls, Cynthia, Irene, Vivian and also bunny Elvin. This will be the first time we travel together. Totally excited! 

Fourthly,  December might  be a travelling month for me as well!

Hopefully my university exam will fall on before 18 of December as I am planning to celebrate Christmas in New York! I will fly to London for 4 days and fly to New York after that. Promise to visit an old friend and his wife and he is the one that will be sponsoring my flight ticket to New York, haha! 

Hello New York, Shall we meet? =D

What can I say? My life is good! Thanks God for everything!

07 June 2012



6月26日可以在台北The Wall 免費看你們的演出。



p/s: 我想不去這次的The Wall(工作走不開!), 我應該會一輩子有個遺憾。但誰的生命裏會沒有遺憾呢?

10 May 2012


Time flies. It has been 5 years since we are together . Out of the 5 years, 3 and a half year we were in a long distance relationship, geographically separated by the South China Sea. 

And now, you are officially graduated! 

Congratulations my bunny Elvin. 
All the best in your career .
Go out there and do something remarkable~
I'll be standing behind you to give all the support you need.


27 March 2012


You all laugh because I am different. I laugh because you are all the same. 


12 February 2012

♥ Absolutely Beautiful ♥

Note: Bunny, thanks for the gift, it's lovely & delicious!

Well, this year Elvin and me celebrated our 6th Valentine's Day earlier. 

There were no fancy celebration but the two of us just went for a scrumptious meal and had some good time talking to each other. 

Had our dinner at Sidewalk

Bunny and me  ♥

Mushroom soup, rib eye ragout, caeser salad and chix enchilada (clockwise)

Our dessert! Frozen yogurt at Hielo.

I told Elvin that I don't want any roses because they will wilt after few days.
And I received a bouquet of cake pops from him.

I don't need roses, I got my cake pops =D

Thank you so much for preparing all this to me, dear.

「 你形容我是這個世界上無與倫比的美麗
我知道你才是這世界上無與倫比的美麗 」

you, Elvin.

11 February 2012

Mr Wu